Monday, May 12, 2008


Says Hussein Khalil (HA guy):

- The government's decisions formed a declaration of war on Hezbollah.
- The natural response to this was the movement of the Lebanese to defend themselves against this group, which occupies power and violates the consitution.
- We decided to give the government 48 hours to revoke their decision ... or else the position is clear, and it was civil protest until the government returns to dialogue, rather than exercize illegitimate power.

No. You don't get to decide what constitutes a declaration of war. That's not how it works, you asshat! I'll tell you what a declaration of war is: When you fire mortars and RPGs on Beirut or Aley. THAT is a declaration of war.

Nice definition for "civil protest" you got there, buddy. Firing rockets at civilian populations is now called "civil protest"?

I think these HA guys need to spend a couple of years studying the dictionary, because apparently, they have different definitions for every single word in there than the rest of us.

Then again, I shouldn't expect much from a bunch of barbaric savages.

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omardean said...

Damn right. Army better keep its end of the deal. If they try to attack the mountains again, some serious shit is going to go down.