Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Today's news confirmed my worst fears, as blogged in yesterday's entry. I can't help be a bit incoherent today, and annoyed beyond belief at the shortsightedness of the Lebanese people who are busy celebrating and congratulating each other on what is, after all, a very minor reprieve and no gain whatsoever for the nation.

Lebanese people are given such low standards that nowadays "I'm not going to use my weapons for the next week" is suddenly considered an accomplishment.

Such low standards that "Anyone, even the most incompetent idiot, is better than no president."

Such low standards that going back to an antiquated election law, with special exceptions for Hariri in Beirut is now a good thing?

I'm disgusted. Not just with the leaders, but with the people who are patting each other on the back and chanting "Koulouna Lil Watan" this morning. Oh what a glorious day for you! A few dozen terrorists and sleazeballs got together in Doha and pressured each other at gunpoint into raping you folks yet again, but promised they'd send flowers the morning after, and you guys are busy congratulating yourselves: "Yay! He's gonna send me flowers!"

Disgusted! Completely and utterly disgusted.

All the people who died between 2005 and today, all the people who died last week are probably spitting on Lebanon from whatever Heaven or Hell they're in, for they have died in vain. March 14 should've just stayed home on March 14 2005 and let the Syrians remain. It might have spared all these lives. Why bother getting all these people killed and maimed, if you were going to agree to all of HA's demands and get absolutely ZERO in return?

So you guys keep on patting each other on the back and singing your "Koulouna Lil Watan" and cheering on an Army general who's shown to be a complete failure at his previous job, while he unconstitutionally presides over a cabinet in which you have no say.

Oh yeah, and don't hold your breath for the 2009 parliamentary elections. With all the gerrymandering and the 1960 law, and HA's weapons pointed at the voters. Free elections my ass.

And remember, this is only a short reprieve until the next time HA decides to start a war with Israel or point its weapons at the Lebanese because it didn't get what it wanted.


Ghassan said...

I have just spoken to a well connected reliable person in Lebanon. As I was telling him about the fact that , at least on paper, the capitalization of Solidere has shot up by almost $2.5 billion he interrupted me to say that rumours have it that many of the assistants to the big shots were given advance notice and many have managed to book in $20,000.0 - $50,000.00. That does not surprise me because in a week around 3,500,000 million shares exchanged hands when often the volume is only 200,00-300,000.
Please remember that all of this is speculation and I am not making any accusations:-)

Michel said...

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